5 Ways to have an Extraordinary Life in 5 Minutes or Less

Sometimes just the taught of doing something a little out of the norm can be challenging. Don’t worry about it any more. You are a Momentum Fitness Hero! As a MF Hero you now laugh in the face of challenges. The time is now to live an Extraordinary Life. Here are 5 way you can start having an Extraordinary Life in 5 minutes or Less:  
    1. Freeze Fruit - Spruce up your water with some fruit. All you need to do is slice and dice some lemons or strawberry. Dump them in your ice tray. Add some water. Place the ice tray in the freezer and wait till morning. BOOM! Extraordinary water for you to enjoy when it is blistering hot out size!
    1. Have a Theme Song - Every Morning as you are getting ready listen to the one song that gets you bumped for the day! Need some help try: Final Countdown by Europe, It’s My Life by Bon Jovi, Scream from High School Musical 3.
    1. Buy Something Special to Wear - Superman wears his on the outside why cant you! Introducing Momentum Fitness Underwear. Just kidding! But am I? We all know a new pair of underwear can really put a perk in your step. Try getting on that makes you feel like a superhero!
    1. Wake Up for You - Set your alarm for 5 minutes earlier then you normally would. Now when it goes off seat up so you cant fall back to sleep. Have 5 minutes for you. Sit there praying, figure out your day, or just talk to yourself. This is probably the hardest thing on this list to do but honestly is the most rewarding.
    1. PotluckYou know some people right? Set a date that works for you. Call person #1. Invite them. If they can make it, they bring a side dish. Person #2 brings drinks. Person #3 brings dessert. If one of your friends cant make it move on to your 4th friend. You are in charge of the main dish. BBQ it up and enjoy your life with the ones you love!

Miss by an Inch, Miss by a Mile   Recently updated !

Miss by an Inch, Miss by a Mile Hundred Eyes We've all said it, "it's just one bite of cake, what harm will that do to my fitness results?" It doesn't feel like a big deal, it doesn't feel like we're doing anything that wrong. To quote one of my favorite movies, "The greatest trick the devil ever pulled, was convincing the world that he didn't exist." Believe that the small things don't matter is a fools dance.

When we make a decision, be it fitness, financial, spiritual, or emotional we are guaranteed to face demons and challenges. One of the best reasons I've found for why is because success knows that reaching the goal isn't the point - it's the person you become on the journey that is truly important. Every time that you choose to order herbal tea instead of desert your resolve becomes a little bit stronger - your character grows and changes you. On the inverse every time that the wrong choice overcomes you, your character suffers. Miss by an inch, miss by a mile. It truly doesn't matter by how big a margin you allow temptation in, an inch of cake or the entire thing, you have become a weaker person because of it. One of the things I hate hearing most around Momentum is when our Heroes are joking about the unintentional splurges they had over the weekend. Doesn't it grind you up a little inside? It's a validation that staying the same is "ok" and we shouldn't strive to be better.
That does not mean that going off your eating or fitness plan is bad. What it does mean is that allowing temptation to rule will crush you. Here's a real world example: I love beer, I love making it, drinking it, all of the aspects. I've found that over the years my body loves beer as well and will retain it in the form of fat, not so good for my fitness and weight loss results. What's a man to do? *Plan* splurges.
If I go out with friends not intending to have a beer and I do have a beet, even just one, the result is a weakening of my character and resolve. Yet when I go out and plan to have a beer my character is encouraged because I lived out the plan I had set for myself.
In the TV show Marco Polo there is a scene where Marco is learning to ride a horse and shoot a bow at the same time. His teacher, a blind monk named Hundred Eyes. In the scene Hundred Eyes asks Marco where he hit the target, "just one inch off"
Miss by an inch, miss by a mile.
The saying goes even if it's only 100 calories, 100 calories of poison will still kill you.
Are you so committed to your goals that you can swear off beer, wine, and chocolate (yes even just one bite) the majority of the time?
If you can't - you're not that committed and you probably aren't going to see the results you want. In fact I can say that if you can't commit to eating well most of the time you're going to stay where you are.
Miss by an inch miss by a mile.
Almost isn't good enough, you're playing with your future here.

Swimsuit Season is Coming

bikini-377487_640By the time this article goes out summer will be a mere 110 days, June 21st,. Even fewer to Memorial Day - the first official swim suit day. Now is the time that we need to start planning and working towards looking and feeling great on our vacations and in our swimsuits. So what are you going to do about it? Please don’t wait until June 3rd needing to get fit before a vacation/wedding/pool party. We won’t be able to get as dramatic results as you would like. Start today on your mission towards your Swimsuit ready body (whatever that might look like to you). Here are a few blackbelt ninja Jedi tricks that will accelerate your results, BUT you’ve got to get into Momentum and you’ve got to start cleaning up your diet for these tricks to be effective.
  1. Drink 2 glasses of ice cold water as soon as you wake up. The water rehydrates you and ice water has shown to boost metabolism by a few percent for that day.
  2. Take fish oil.* Countless studies have shown that fish oil will help you drop fat faster and recover from your workouts quicker.
  3. Take a probiotic supplement.* Sounds funny right? But the truth is that a healthy gut promotes fat loss and improves digestion - meaning you get more nutrients and get rid of waste more efficiently.
  4. Add a finisher to your workout. If you don’t know what to do for your finisher, ask! We’d be happy to show you some moves to boost your metabolism.
  5. Take time to de-stress. Meditation and deep breathing help lower fat storing stress hormones and help you keep a positive attitude. In my 12+ years working in a gym I’ve seen only a handful of people who were very successful in their fitness endeavors who didn’t have a positive attitude and de-stress on a regular basis.
So there you have it - a few of our secret tricks straight out of our super secret black box. Like I said before, all the tricks in the world aren’t worth much without putting in some time in the gym AND in the kitchen. Lift some heavy weights, eat your broccoli, and keep your laser beam focus on your goal. 110 days is plenty of time to get to where you want to go, but we’ve got to get started now if you want to be fully satisfied. Confused as to where to start? Schedule a Strategy Session or a Refocus Session with one of us to get back on track, 925.405.6599 *We have the best probiotic and fish oil supplements on the market available at the front desk

Your Most Effective Fat Loss Program

road-363265_640It’s a question that we get a lot when we are out in the community, “I want to lose my belly, and only have 2 hours a week to workout, what should I do?” On the surface it’s an easy question, but when we dig just a little bit deeper things get complicated. Plus, if this were an easy question it would follow that we would all be in shape instead of facing an obesity epidemic. Here’s how you tackle your training for the most effective fat loss results possible, we call it the hierarchy of fat loss.
  1. Take care of your diet
  2. Refer back to point 1 (it’s that important)
  3. Complete activities that increase lean muscle mass, create an after burn effect, and burn calories
  4. Complete activities that burn calories, maintain lean muscle mass, and create an after burn effect
  5. Complete activities that solely burn calories
Obviously nutrition is important, so important that paying attention to it most of us will never reach our fitness goals. Let’s break this down to make more sense out of it. What we want to focus in on are the first two points, “Build lean muscle mass” and “After burn effect.” The main reasons we want to focus on lean muscle are that it helps us burn fat faster and makes our bodies look a lot better. Now we’re not talking about creating bulk, no, but lean muscle. Our second point of focus is the After Burn effect, which is essentially the increased fat loss demand that certain exercises place on the body. This effect can increase fat burning for up to 36 hours. When we combine the two we create the perfect storm for fat loss. Here is how we recommend structuring your workout to take advantage of both effects at their highest potential: - Lift heavy weights 2-3 times per week - Keep repetitions between 8 and 15 - Put exercises that work different muscle groups back to back (a squat and a pushup) - Insert stretches during your rest

It’s Not About The Beat Down

argument-238529_640Have you ever worked out so hard you threw up? I have, and it sucks. It’s seriously one of the worst things I’ve put my body through, and I never want to get to that point again. There seems to be this prevalence in our society these days that to see results means you gotta that you’ve got to get beat down to be successful. Why do we love the “beat down” mentality? Because it’s familiar; it’s just an off shoot of the old mindset that told us that in order to reach our fitness goals we had to do hours of cardio. The beat down was still there, just in a different form. What about this: If you were in a fight would you rather win in 5 minutes or win in 10 seconds? For the more shopping centric, if you could walk into Eileen Fisher and had a table of clothes that were all just your size and your taste, or go in on Black Friday with all of the crowds, which would you choose? It’s a no brainer! The 10 second fight and customized table win outright. Here is the thing, though, we forget this when it comes to our training. If a metabolic set of 20 seconds of hard work and 40 seconds of rest, one of our standard templates, is good then the beat down mindset would say that 40 seconds of work and 20 seconds of rest would be better, right? It’s that framing that gets us in trouble. You all know we recommend strength training 2-3 times a week, but why not 4 or 8 times? It’s too much! Your body has to rest; it has to recover from the work you put it through. Zooming in a little bit, each session we ask you to give yourself a letter grade based on your energy level. Your daily grade is your guide as to how hard you should be pushing, because, and this is important, you should always feel better leaving Momentum than when you got here. When we push too hard during a workout, don’t let our bodies rest, don’t feed ourselves correct nutrition bad things happen! The reason we workout is to get BETTER, and if we can do that faster and in a safer environment why wouldn’t we? Each and every session is crafted with your goals in mind, we don’t hold back – you have the best of our secret recipe every day. Don’t be that guy who tries to make the fight last as long as possible by adding in all sorts of nonsense to your program, stay true. We want high energy, high intensity training sessions that leave you feeling better, moving better, looking better, and living a fuller life.

Getting Better Together! Strong and Tall After a Group Coaching Session

teamwork-606818_640We talk a lot about our community here, and for good reason. There is a lot of good proof pointing to the fact that training in a group setting, be it customized or not, will increase your results. During one of our group coaching sessions it was just me and one of our members, and we were working hard. After a little bit though, a few of our other members trickled in to join the session. The change in her output was visible! She was working harder and faster Once the session was over we were chatting and she brought up how she felt as if a “switch” went off when she had other members working out with her. It doesn’t take a psychologist to figure our why either; who isn’t motivated to work hard when there is someone working just as hard right next to you? It’s that gentle competition that makes it fun. The best part is that you don’t even have to be of similar fitness levels to get this extra boost. At your next workout try tapping into that playful competition with the person working out next to you and see if you aren’t pushed to take your own workout to the next level. Whatever you put into your workout is going to be what you get out of it, so you might as well have some fun and push harder!


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