2 Tips From Coach Subs

TFW is the best Family you weren’t born into.

The best coaches

The best programming

And the most fun

Today we are going to tap into our TFW familia and get some advice from Coach Mike Subs from TFW Doylestown.

I asked him what his top two tips were for staying fit during the summer.



Two Tips from Coach Mike

Mike Subs deadlifting

#1 Coaching 

No band, no patch, no trending video on YouTube can ever supplement the most powerful tool: a coach’s words.

Just a few words  said at the right time can change your life. You have 1 hour to a day to spend around your coach; sometimes even less than that — 100 words from your coach only takes a minute. In 100 words they can raise your self-esteem and put a smile on your face. What’s that worth to you? Don’t be so quick to run out of your training session, spend some time around your coach and let them pour into you.

Has your coach told you how proud of you they are? Have they lit a fire inside of your soul. 

The biggest impact you will ever receive is from a great coach.

So the real question is, who’s your coach?

#2 Back to basics attitude

During the summer it can be tough to stay on track. Things can get crazy with trends and fitness crazes and vacations.

Have you ever thought about why you were given 2 ears and one mouth?

Simply because if you NEED to LISTEN twice as much as you talk.

You need to listen to your body, its talking to you. It’s telling you to get off the couch, stop overeating, give me greens, lift heavy, and move quickly.

Your body craves physicality… you just have to listen to it instead of cram food in it.

Go back to the beginning of your fitness journey (if you haven’t started now is a good time!), and think about the basics you focused on.

Drinking some more water – Eating more broccoli – Enjoying each meal

Go back to that place this summer and prove to yourself that you can lose weight and feel great even when everything is crazy