3 Steps to Make a Comeback of a Lifetime

“Don’t call it a comeback
I been here for years
Rockin’ my peers and puttin suckas in fear
LL Cool J”

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Remember “when,” when you used to be at your prime, when you loved to be in your body. It’s time to get that back – it’s time for a comeback! Making a comeback might seem overwhelming, and it might not seem like you can fit it into your bust schedule. Let’s face it, no one has free time to go workout and make healthy food. No one. Each one of us has to carve out a few hours a week to see our bodies change. There’s good news though, when you start down this path (or if you’re already on it and need a jump start), you will feel and look better, and you will be able to lead your life on your own terms.

Your comeback is not going to be easy, you are going to have to do work, and there will be days or weeks where you won’t feel like doing it. To succeed you’ll have to be tough, have focus, and you’ll have to have a sense of humor. We are on your side, and you’ve already got the strength inside you – there is no good reason for you not to succeed, you will succeed.

What all comebacks have in common is that a comeback first has to have a low point, a spot where the warrior feels like they’ve hit rock bottom and don’t have much, if anything, to lose. At that point the warrior gets a chance, an unprecedented opportunity that gives them a shot at their dream. This is the hardest part of the journey, because in each story the warrior has to face demons that will push them to the point where they must answer one question, “is it worth it?” But then, after long hours of hard work, getting to the brink of failure, and overcoming all odds… they are successful.

It’s time for your comeback

3 steps to a made a comeback of a Lifetime

1. Have the Dream

Those who have a ‘why’ to live, can bear with almost any ‘how’.

– Victor Frankl

All great comebacks start with a dream that has yet to be achieved, that starts deep in your soul. Do you have that thing inside you that calls your name? Maybe it’s something as simple as fitting into last season’s Jeans, it doesn’t matter what size the dream is – as long as it’s your dream.

In the first Rocky movie Rocky’s dream was to make it as a boxer, but after plugging away at it for 6 years he had decided to give up on the dream. In fact when he was offered a shot at the boxing championship said “no” the first time, and it wasn’t until the sitting champion’s manager reminded him of his dream did he have the courage to say yes. What happened was he was reminded of the great dream and desire in the depths of his soul, and he went for it.

For a lot of us our great desire isn’t something like winning a world championship or becoming the best in the world – what we do want is to lead the best possible life, to be a great mom or dad, to be a great role model, to look and feel good in our clothes. Those are the dreams that are worth striving for. Somewhere along the line we forgot that being #1 isn’t the only dream. Strive to inspire the kids in your life, strive to be proud of your body – these are as important, if not more important, than someone who’s just won a lot of games.

Your focus has got to be on figuring out what that dream is for you. We can’t tell you what it is, that dream has to come from within, and from your deepest soul.

Comeback lesson #1: Find your dream

2. Have the Team

When birds go to sleep with bats they end up waking up upside down

-Martin Rooney

Rocky had Micky, Pauly, Apollo, and Adrian

The Mighty Ducks Coach Bombay and each other

The Jamaican Bobsled team had John Candy

The Spartans had coach Lad

Do you see the pattern?

Without great support a dream cannot happen. Teams are there to move you forward when you don’t have the energy, and they’re there to keep you winning and keep you healthy. Your team and your coach will inspire you and move you forward to the next level.

Each great had a group of people behind him who believed in him, and a coach who pushed them to be more than they thought possible. Every single one of us has greatness inside that is waiting to get out, and your team and your coach will fight with you to bring it out. We call it bringing out the Warrior Within.

A few months ago I participated in a Guinness world record attempt with the Training For Warriors Familia and I was surrounded by coaches who helped bring out more out of me than I would have given without them. I needed a team around me to give my best – and you do to. Nothing worth achieving is worth doing alone.

Very rarely have I seen someone who has been incredibly successful in weight loss and fitness who didn’t have a great team fighting with them. You may not have a great home situation, or people who are supporting your dream. In fact, I would bet that you’ve got people in your life who don’t want to see you reach your dreams.

So what do you do; how do you build a team of supporters?

First I need you to know something, I believe in you! I believe that your dream is worthwhile and you are strong enough to reach them. Even if you’ve got no one else you’ve got me in your corner. E-mail me, Kian@momentumfitnessconcord.com. I’m serious, if you need help with exercise, nutrition, picking a gym, or choosing where to start I’m here for you.

Next you search out the people who will support your dream. They could be people you already know or people that you have yet to meet. All that matters is that they care about you and your dream. That could be at Momentum Fitness in our TFW program, your local Training For Warriors facility, or another supportive space. Find the people who will take the time to invest in you and go with you on your journey.

Comeback lesson #2: Find your teammates today

3. Have the Will of a Warrior

You, me, or nobody is gonna hit as hard as life. But it ain’t about how hard you hit. It’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward; how much you can take and keep moving forward.

– Rocky

The scene from Rocky that sticks with me the most is at the end of the first movie. It’s close to the end of the fight and Rocky has been beaten and battered and is facedown on the mat. Micky is telling him to stay down, it’s not worth staying in the fight. Then, for a second, there’s a closeup of Rocky’s face, and in one moment Rocky’s face changes – something deep inside him picks up and pulls him to greatness.

His indomitable will to reach his dream.

It was such a powerful scene, that it’s been repeated in every Rocky movie, and replicated in other films. Rocky on the ground, Rocky understanding what it means for him to stand up and fight, and Rocky finding victory.

The will to win, to achieve greatness is something that can only be taught through hard work and dedication. It’s not something that you are born with, or something that someone else can teach you. Each day, in the grind, that’s where you’ll find the lessons that sharpen your will to succeed.

That means hard work and meaningful suffering.

Each time you push forward in the pursuit of your dream you are fighting towards a stronger version of yourself, and work towards becoming the type of person who can achieve your great dream.

That’s really the secret to developing a strong enough will to be successful. Small steps that strengthen your body and your mind.

Comeback lesson #3: Find one thing that you can do today that will strengthen your will.

The bottom line

Your name has been called, it’s your time to thrive – don’t give up!

Every person who’s told you that you can’t, you shouldn’t, it’s too hard – let’s prove them wrong and find the right people in your corner

No one is more famous than the person who shouldn’t win, but has the willpower to push through and win.

Go out and make a comeback!

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