5 Ways to have an Extraordinary Life in 5 Minutes or Less

Sometimes just the taught of doing something a little out of the norm can be challenging. Don’t worry about it any more. You are a Momentum Fitness Hero! As a MF Hero you now laugh in the face of challenges. The time is now to live an Extraordinary Life. Here are 5 way you can start having an Extraordinary Life in 5 minutes or Less:


    1. Freeze Fruit – Spruce up your water with some fruit. All you need to do is slice and dice some lemons or strawberry. Dump them in your ice tray. Add some water. Place the ice tray in the freezer and wait till morning. BOOM! Extraordinary water for you to enjoy when it is blistering hot out size!


    1. Have a Theme Song – Every Morning as you are getting ready listen to the one song that gets you bumped for the day! Need some help try: Final Countdown by Europe, It’s My Life by Bon Jovi, Scream from High School Musical 3.


    1. Buy Something Special to Wear – Superman wears his on the outside why cant you! Introducing Momentum Fitness Underwear. Just kidding! But am I? We all know a new pair of underwear can really put a perk in your step. Try getting on that makes you feel like a superhero!


    1. Wake Up for You – Set your alarm for 5 minutes earlier then you normally would. Now when it goes off seat up so you cant fall back to sleep. Have 5 minutes for you. Sit there praying, figure out your day, or just talk to yourself. This is probably the hardest thing on this list to do but honestly is the most rewarding.


    1. Potluck – You know some people right? Set a date that works for you. Call person #1. Invite them. If they can make it, they bring a side dish. Person #2 brings drinks. Person #3 brings dessert. If one of your friends cant make it move on to your 4th friend. You are in charge of the main dish. BBQ it up and enjoy your life with the ones you love!