6 Tips To Raise A Healthy Kid

6 Tips To Raise A Healthy Kid

Some Days I Have an Important Job - I am the guy people come to to lose weight, build muscle, and feel better - to get in shape for their wedding. Everyday people who want to lead extraordinary lives.

Some Days I have a Difficult Job - What we do requires a deep understanding of the best and newest strategies,  time tested techniques, and the ability to know which one to apply at the right moment. My job requires me to have the courage to speak to large groups, to be excited about others more than they are about themselves, to educate, to motivate, and to help people of all backgrounds.

Some Days I have a High Pressure Job - People’s lives are in my hands on a day to day basis. If they succeed or fail rests on my knowledge and by ability to push them. Their results are my responsibility, and everything we do is under constant criticism.

Being a coach isn’t just a job, it’s my calling. What I do on a day to day basis doesn't just determine the future of a handful of people - it determines the future of the world. My clients, students, and members are parents and influencers in the lives of children around them. There’s no class you can take, no manuals or policies and procedures that spell out how to be a good parent - I know because I’ve looked. I don't consider myself an expert in parenting by any means, and I’ve learned, by coaching moms and dads going through the process, that one of the most difficult challenges facing parents today is how to raise a healthy kid. Having gone through the process with parents we've developed some skills and strategies that help kids lead happy and healthy lives.

Childhood obesity is the biggest threat facing us today. I struggled with my weight as a kid, and I am hoping that with this post I can help put and end childhood obesity. You’ve got so much information to dig through, and sometimes it can be hard to figure out who to listen to and who to blame. Here’s my coach’s eldest daughter giving some clarity to the issue:

The CDC, news sources, and experts around the world all agree - childhood obesity isn’t going to go away by itself, and unless we do something about it now... Look, this isn’t about blaming you as a parent, there’s way too much blame going around these days. This is about reminding us how to get our kid's lives, and, heck, our lives back on the right track.

Here's the best I got on how to raise a healthy kid.

1. You Set The Pace

Kids are learning machines - whatever you lay down they drink up. They can read when we are faking it. Before you try and help your kid get in shape you are going to have to do some work yourself. It’s no coincidence that parents who workout and eat right have kids who workout and eat right. The flip side is that parents who sit on their butt and eat junk… you get the point. Remember that there’s a reason they say “you reap what you sow,” expect great things from yourself and your kids and you’ll get great things. Turn things up in your personal fitness journey and you're going to see a great change in your family

2. Put First Things First

After you start on this health and fitness journey you’re going to have to stay strong. Your kids are going to test you - to see if you are serious, to see if this is a real change or just a phase. Do not give in. Living a healthy lifestyle of exercise and eating right can’t be a once in a while thing - it’s gotta be your family’s all the time thing. All day, every day. Stick to the plan and never let off. That means you’ve got to be consistent with not only what you say and what you do but also with how you encourage your kids. That doesn’t mean be a hard ass, but it does mean that you stay the course.

The first thing has got to be setting up good habits for your family. Fill the kitchen with good food. Set limits on TV and screen time. Your kids will jump on board eventually, like Sophia said above.

3. Make It About Them

Every kid has dreams, and your goal as a parent is to support them in that dream. It can be easy to make this whole thing about the rules, about the habits, about you. The more you make this about them and get them involved in the process the better chances you’ll have. Believe in your child’s dream, and believing that they can be the best in the world in something is the most powerful thing you can do as a parent. You and your kid may not be in alignment, but a kid who has a support system is hard to beat. Starting with their first form of wealth, their health, will keep them going for the rest of their lives.

4. Be There For Them

Once you’ve figured out what they want, be there for them. Be their #1 cheerleader and get involved with their process. Their focus in training has got to be your focus for their training. Work out together, focus the training on them, and you’re setting them up for a better life. Kids who train with their parents are less likely to get involved in bad behavior - drinking, drugs, and gangs.

“Being involved in your kid’s life isn’t invasive, it is impressive” - Martin Rooney

5. The 5 Most Important Words

“I want to be a superhero!” - Any kid, anywhere

You can’t support them enough, you can’t love them enough, you can’t motivate them or be too positive. It’s tough to be there for them all the time but it’s a goal that you can achieve and work towards. Loving your kid with good food and exercise is one of the greatest ways to support them. Eventually you may start wanting the things they want for themselves even more than they do - you might be the person in their life who believes in them enough to encourage them to actually achieve their goals.

My father always told me, consistently and without fail, the 5 most important words a kid can hear “I Am Proud of You”  His words pushed me to work for what I believe in and I know I wouldn't have taken the risks I did if it weren't for him.

6. Spread the Love


Kids who have a greater purpose than themselves and can see the change that they are making in other’s lives will accomplish more. Teaching your kids that there are easy and palpable ways to help and empower others will give them the courage to press forward and pursue their own goals harder and faster. Make their lives about service early.

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<--Kian and Anna getting in a Prenatal Workout to start the baby off right

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