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We make it easy to get fit and stay fit. More than just those standard gyms, join a community of committed people just like you and change your life!

We've all tried the "get fit quick" and "lose a lot of weight" programs in the past, and getting (and staying!) in shape seems out of reach. To get fit it seems like you've got to spend hours doing boring cardio, live in the gym, and diet on broccoli and chicken breast.

It's all a lie.

Not only can working out be fun - it doesn't have to take forever! We've got the best coaches in the world, cutting edge training systems, and some of the best people in the east bay as our Members.

Bottom line... if you're looking to get into shape, have expert guidance, and crack a smile while doing it... Momentum is the answer. But, if you’re just looking for a low-cost gym with no answers, we are definitely not going to be able to accommodate you.

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