Are You Just Being Emotional?

You’re sitting enjoying an evening with friends. You’re walking your dog. You might even be driving to work. When it attacks you. I NEED COMFORT FOOD! To some this could be a gooey brownie. To others it could be a bag of salty potato chips. Any way you slice it, you know you shouldn’t be eating it. Its almost as if your body I crazing it. Your body is telling you that you need this comfort food to make you complete.

Tell your body to check its self before for it wrecks its self.

So often we fall into this emotional eating cycle. We eat food we shouldn’t because we don’t like how we look or something bad has happen. Its because of this food we get the body we don’t like. It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy. Guess what this comfort food will not solve the problem you are trying to comfort. More often then not it actually makes it worse. Think about any time you have drank to “deal with something”.

How do we not fall into this crazy emotional eating cycle?

apple-15687_1280You have to first realize when you are doing it. Perform what I like to call the apple test. Ask yourself “would I eat an apple right now?” Not apple pie, an apple. If you answer “yes” your physically hungry. Go ahead and eat, but make a good choice.

If you answer “No” it’s your body starting the emotional eating cycle. You are not hungry for food, your hungry for a hug. Heroes laugh in the face of adversity. Your eating because of something, let’s face it head on. Remember you are not alone.

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Posted by Momentum Fitness on Sunday, March 29, 2015