Ask Kian #2 – What the Hell Do I Eat For Breakfast?


The meal of the Gods

Or of the Devil

It all depends on if you’re prepared for it or not.

On today’s episode of Ask Kian we are going to dive into 4 of the easiest breakfasts on the planet that will get you sexy and lean.


Below are the recipes that we talked about in today’s video, and an application for our 8 week challenge. If you’re looking for a program to get you started on the right path or need a jump start to your current program our 8 Week challenge is for you.

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Egg Muffins


10-15 eggs
Nonstick Spray
Muffin tin


Preheat the oven to 350

Beat the eggs
Mix in the salsa

Spray the muffin tin down

Put the veggies and meat into the tin

Pour the egg mixture over the meat and veggies

Bake for 20-30 minutes

Let cool, and freeze

Microwave for 30s to 1 minute to reheat


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