Before and AFTER! (and after… and after…)

I think all of us have been where Lisa’s been

I was a mom who had two in her late thirties. I had had no luck with doing anything at a traditional gym that helped me feel like I got a good workout or helped me see any progress at all. It was so disheartening to feel like nothing I would do helped at all. Because of my past experiences at gyms I didn’t really think anything would work. I just wanted me back and I was skeptical that it would ever happen.

Worn out
And not hopeful that it will stick this time…

For me it was hard to give yet another place a shot. You can easily get in the rut of nothing will work so I give. But I needed to try one more time. And I needed a place where I can be me and have something that works with my very limited schedule.

And then… Comes the thunderous AFTER Story! You’ve read these before right?

I have lost 30+ lbs since coming, And while I weigh what I weighed when I got married I am two sizes smaller. I have never in my life been a size 4 EVER. Now I float between that and a 2. And I have kept it off for 2 years which has always been my biggest fear. But mostly I feel like I accomplished something huge and have proven that women over 40 can be lean and fit if you put in the effort. And make good choices in food! Mainly I want my kids to know that you have to work at something if you want it, nothing is handed to you.

And it seems, perfect.

Not easy, goodness we know it’s not easy, but it seems like we could all do it too.

Then we throw in the cool before and after photo, and…


Now it’s an excellent story.

And, especially in Lisa’s case, it IS a cool story. She looks and feels awesome, she’s been rocking at Momentum and TFW almost since we opened 7 years ago.

What’s missing is her After the after photo.

Lisa sent me a text that one of her friends wanted to check out the gym because she saw her photos.

Always excited to help out a new student, especially a friend of one of our current students,

Kian: She saw them on our website?

Lisa: No! Those are old, I showed her these…

There were new photos, photos that *I* Took, but I forgot to notice the difference.

Before I show them to you (Sure I guess you could just scroll down, nothing stopping you ;), there is an important transition that we have made as a business.

When we first opened in 2010 we were an indoor bootcamp, we did a lot of cardio, High-Intensity Intervals, TRX, Kettlebells, etc., and we were good at it! We helped a lot of people lose a lot of weight.

The shift happened two years ago when we added heavy strength training into our TFW Group sessions. People started learning how to do the chin up, the push-up, deadlift, squat, bench press, and all the other fun lifts. Lisa saw a huge change when she started committing to building strength.

Check it out:


Killer change right??

Two lessons you’ve got to take from her story.

1. Before and after photos don’t tell the whole story

The before and after photos you and I see plastered all over the internet are great, inspiring, and showcase people’s really hard work. They forget that life doesn’t stop at the end of an 8 Week Challenge (which, coincidentally, ours starts soon ;).

For those who are really successful fitness integrates into their lives and change is continuous. I’m hoping to give you more of these kinds of Before, and After, and After, and After… posts to show you that lifelong fitness and health IS possible! I see it every day. Students who started just where you are, joined the program, saw great initial results, and have continued to see results year after year.

This is the long game!

If you were to ask “how long do I have to do this” my answer would be “How long do you want to live?”


2. Getting strong changes everything

You can lose a lot of weight with light weights and hard cardio, I have photo proof from our students, and the research backs it up.

You’ll lose more weight, have stronger joints, fewer injuries, and LOOK visibly 10-25% better by lifting weights.

Not weights to get bulky – you saw Lisa’s photos right?

Lift weights to look like a HOT MAMA!!!

The memo has been out for a while, and I know change can be hard for us to accept, especially when it turns our world around a little.

For you to get results like Lisa you’ve got to train, eat, and be coached like Lisa. She lifts weights, sprints, and eats well. Not a bulky

Your new workout formula for getting lean:

Lift Heavy
Sprint On!

Let’s qualify heavy real quick.

Heavy isn’t an absolute term, it is relative. Heavy for me might be 60 pounds, but for you might be 15 pounds, and that’s ok! Lifting more and more weight isn’t the goal to look lean, toned, and fit. Looking lean toned and fit is the goal! We choose the weight that will get you there the fastest.

So the moral of the story…

Pay attention to how long someone has been at it, and the results they’ve got that have lasted.

Results don’t count unless they stick.

-Coach Kian

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