Best Recipe Sources From Around The Web

Finding good and healthy recipes can be tough. I struggled for a while with this, and found that I was finding great recipes in  the same places over and over again.

Today I am going to open the curtain and share some of my favorite places around the web to get great recipes.


1. Seacost Kettle Bell

This is one of the sneakiest places to find incredible recipes.

With a registered dietician on staff the recipes are not only good for you, they taste great.

Check them out here:

I haven’t tried the nachos yet, but this looks awesome

2. TFW South Metro

One of our TFW Affiliates who really delivers when it comes to blog content and food. Most recently, and applicably, he’s put up a Thanksgiving Survival Guide.

Check it out:

3. Precision Nutriton

I almost didn’t list Precision Nutrition here because they are the go to source for all nutrition related questions – I figured everyone would know about them.

In case you don’t they’ve got resources on anything you could want (shakes, recipes, essential oils, you name it). Here are two of my favorite hard copy items:

Gourmet Nutrition Cookbook

Anna and I use this cookbook on a weekly basis. Tasty, and usually simple recipes that

Precision Nutrition System

4. Nom Nom Paleo

I don’t think the paleo diet is all that, but the recipes that she puts out on this website are nothing short of delicious. Anna and I love the Damn Fine Chicken: Damn Fine Chicken

5. TFW London

Don’t let my father see this (after 4 years of living in England he doesn’t think that the Britts know how to cook). The recipe book from TFW London kicks ass. Seriously.

We’ve adapted the cookbook for an American audience, to get your copy just enter your email below:

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Those are some of my favorites, do you have any sources you love that I missed?