Butt Surgery

Butt Surgery


Not like the Kim Kardashian Brazilian booty kind, but the kind where you can’t move well because of something that was there that shouldn’t have been there.


That’s what I was looking at in January 2015. Fresh off of surgery, and I couldn’t move a whole lot due to the location of the incision (No, not there). I couldn’t lift heavy, I couldn’t really sprint, and I was definitely bummed out when my doctor told me that it would be about 3 months before I could do anything strenuous.


3 months of light weight lifting is not fun when you know your body is capable of much more.

At that point the temptation to go back at it and JAM was out of control. All I wanted to do was rip and grind, heavy deadlifts and squats and sprints – oh my!

Isn’t that how it is for all of us? When we start out towards a fitness goal we want to go at it with all of our power and all of our energy. Today is the first and last day I work out, because I am going to work so hard that my grandchildren are going to be sore. A great workout is doing so much work that you’re passed out on the ground in a pool of fluid that you hope is only sweat.

In fact, it’s such a popular idea that shirts have been made around it!



She’s smiling like it’s a good thing – like passing out after a workout is expected.


How about this – if you pass out after too much wine, was that a good thing? Did you succeed at drinking or “win” at life?

That’s what we call an overdose, and the same is true for exercise.

Passing out after a workout means you did too much and that you didn’t pay attention to what your body actually needs.




So despite my desire to lift and sprint like a madman I followed our program, systematically, and just over a year later this was the result:

425 lbs, up like butter. (no brag, but that felt good!)

It’s still not my all time record, but the slow grinding process brought me back to a level of strength I’m really pleased with.

There was power in the grind. Slow, steady progress got me there. Not some go all out 100%

The problem

Sometimes we need a jumpstart program, but we’re left wanting with programs that don’t know how to push us hard enough or the push us too hard.

The successes I’ve been a part of haven’t been over night. Even when we see incredible changes with our 8 week challengers, there’s still more work to be done after the 8 weeks.

Fitness and being healthy is like a shower, you can’t just take one and say you’re good. You can’t take a shower for 8 weeks and never take a shower again, BUT..

What you can do is go to the spa, have treatments done, deep cleanings, then maintain. That’s why we offer our 8 week challenge, it’s your spa. We get into the nitty gritty, clean underneath your fingernails, scrub your toes, and set you up with strategies so you’re ready to succeed in the rest of your life.

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