February 1 Is The New January 1

February 1

Does anyone else feel like January went by too fast?

If you’re like me there are goals you set in January that you never started (Hello Rosetta Stone French, who are you?), and since we didn’t start in January the remaining 11 months are shot, right?

Look, I know it’s easy to blame yourself for not starting. “I’m not good enough, and I don’t have what it takes” – sound familiar at all?

LIES I tell you!

Getting fit and staying healthy has been made complicated by gym equipment or fitness trackers that don’t get to the root of your problem

Your problem isn’t that you can’t figure out how to use your fit bit

Your problem isn’t the DVD program you bought with confusing directions

Your problem isn’t the diet you started requiring you to eat Kohlrabi 3 times a day

The health and fitness “stuff” ain’t your problem

Do you want to know what the problem is? It’s simple…

BUT before I do I want you to do this:

Stop Reset


Take a deep breath

Stop what you’re doing

And press the reset button

Seriously, push your screen, it’ll help


There was once a general, who in the midst of the Visigothic civil war was sent to Spain. A former slave, now a general of his army landed close to a huge rock dominating the entrance to the Mediterranean. His army consisted of 7000 men, and they were vastly outnumbered by their enemies. The fear and cynicism was palpable throughout the ranks, and knowing his army needed something special to survive their ordeal, he turned and ordered that all of their ships, their only form of escape, be burned into the sea.

As the ships lit the sky their leader, Tariq Ibn-Ziyad, turned to his soldiers and said

We Now have the enemy in front of us and the deep sea behind us. We cannot return to our homes, because we have burnt our boats. We shall now either defeat the enemy and win or die a coward’s death by drowning in the sea. Who will follow me?

Tariq’s army went to fight and win.

Burning_of_the_uss_philadelphiaDo you see yourself in that story? Which of us wouldn’t want to have the comfort of knowing that if things got really hard and we didn’t feel up to the challenge we could get back on our boats and sail home?

That, my friends, is why you weren’t successful in January. You had an escape route. It’s time to burn your boat, and leave no room for retreat.


Here are 3 practical ways to burn your boats and kick your fitness goals into the stratosphere.







1. Dump it

This is mentally challenging, especially for those of you who were taught “waste not want not.” Go grab all that junk you know you shouldn’t have and throw it away. Seriously. I don’t care how much junk you have, 1 piece of dove chocolate or a 3 gallon tub of ice cream – Throw it all away.

Don’t tell yourself “Well, I have self control enough to” NO you don’t! Trust me, I’ve seen the strongest will powered person fall to salted caramel.

Self control isn’t a real thing.

Hire a coach

A little biased here, but here’s why you need to do it.

Skin in the game.

Going to a cheap 10 buck a month gym and signing up for a membership you don’t ever use is easy. What’s $120 bucks over the course of the year – nada! Maybe you use it twice, realize you don’t really know what you’re doing, and never go back.

Waste of money and time.

Alternative – hire someone (like me) who knows what they’re doing (like we do) and see results.

I’ll just leave this here – 925.405.6599


Public commitment

Post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or start a blog. I don’t care what it is, but going public burns your bridges the hardest and fastest.

Go and start talking about your journey to someone or someones else, get them involved. 3 months later when you’re thinking about quitting the thought of them knowing that you’re going to quit will push you forward.

It’s a form of positive group think and positive peer pressure that you submit yourself to willingly.

Choose your goal, post it up today, and post about it weekly. I’m sure you’re going to be surprised with the results.


If you do need that extra push sign up to meet with one of us and we can get you started on our 8 Week Lean in 2016 program



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