Have you ever wanted a doughnut so bad…

My wife and I have been doing some work on our house and in the process we’ve been traveling to various warehouses and show rooms to look at all sorts of things. Cabinets, and counters, and floors… Needless to say it’s not where my talent lies. I like sweat, iron, heavy things, and motivating people.

One Saturday we were making some frustrating decisions, frustrating because of the process, not because of how Anna make’s decisions, I’m just *really* bad at these things (did you not read what I said two sentences ago?). At this countertop spot they were handing out free coffee, and I’m a sucker for 2 things in this world – Free and Coffee, so combining the two is like handing Narcissus one of those compact mirrors for applying makeup.

As I’m filling up my coffee I notice that next to the cream is a box of doughnuts, and in a moment of weakness and desire I nabbed one of those long twisty ones. My plan was to eat a bite or two and call it a day. The doughnut scoffed, and subsequently it made me it’s bitch. I ate that twisty doughnut all the way through, and what it did to my willpower is nothing short of astounding.

I’m a recovering sugar junkie, and having that blast of sugar to my system tossed me into a glucose induced delirium. The remainder of the day if there was a chance or an offering of anything sweet it was mine. We went to falafel’s Drive-In in San Jose and I ordered a Banana Milk shake. Later I had some chocolate, and a myriad of sweets.

The point of the story is not to impress you with how much sugar my body can take, I want you to understand that once we make a decision for change there is no clean opportunity for compromise. There has been research that shows that a certain percentage of alcoholics can have an occasional drink without backsliding into their previous habits. My question is why would you even want to tempt fate?

It’s the same for us. We have unhealthy habits that we’ve been building up in our lives for years and choosing to compromise even a little bit can cause a significant backslide in our progress. I don’t really care what the sugar did to my body, what I do care about is the fact that I broke my streak. See, I hadn’t had a single doughnuts in over 4 years, I don’t even like doughnuts that much. Now I have to begin again at zero.

One simple lapse in judgement brought me all the way back to zero, and there is nothing that I can do but stick to my nutritional guns to regain my streak. All because of one doughnut I chose to enter into a cascade of bad habits. To this day I can still feel the draw of sugar and sweets, and this is the worst time of the year to have my weak spot for sweats exposed.

I want to challenge you to take a look at your weak spots and see where you might have let a doughnut in to your life. Have you been making choices that don’t move you closer to your goals, hell, do you even know what your goals are at this time in your life? I can tell you that the most successful Heroes at Momentum know what there goal is, and they know the steps that they need to take to reach it.


Here are your action steps for today:

  1. Define what you want

This is the starting place for success. If we don’t know where we are going how are we going to design a plan to get there? How I want you to get started with this process is simple – imagine I’m your fairy godfather – tutu and all – and I can grant you your greatest desires when it comes to your body composition, how you look on the beach and how you feel in your body.

Now write them down

  1. Find your doughnuts

What’s going to derail you from progress? Seriously, find the things that you know are going to pull you off the course. Friends, family, work, eating out, actual doughnuts… What’s the thing that’s going to stop you from getting the thing that you want?

Write those down and commit to doing anything possible to destroy them and remove them from your path.

  1. Plug the holes and start working like a one legged man in an ass kicking competition to get there.

If you truly want what you say you want it’s time to get started. DOn’t waIT

If I wasn’t subtle enough.. DO IT!

There’s no reason good enough to wait until tomorrow.

No exercise clothes? Workout naked in your bedroom

No idea what to do? Hire a coach or look online for a quick workout (HINT: Squats and pushups are a good place to start)

No Motivation? Bullshit – you just wrote down in detail what you want for your body.

Scared? Time to toughen up. 2 things I will promise you (PROMISE YOU) – 1. You are strong enough 2. It’s not as hard as you think.

It’s time to get started right now