I Believe in Slow

dog-633562_1280I believe in slow, gradual change. I believe in building new habits one at a time, one on top of the other. I believe in gentle mindfulness and deep, full breaths.

Except for those times when you just have to grab your life and shake it like a Labrador puppy shakes a rag doll. To me, Fit in 42 marks one of those times in my life when I knew I was starting the slow slide downward into old, unhealthy habits and I just couldn’t get any traction on my own to change direction. Fit in 42 was the traction I needed to correct the course I was on. I dedicated 6 short weeks of my life to full immersion in healthy eating and challenging exercise; I lost weight I had been unable to lose for years, reenergized my desire to look and feel great, and got rid of my taste for overly sweet food.

It’s now been about 2 ½ months since the last day of the 6 week program, and I have maintained the weight loss, maintained my excellent eating habits and have more energy at 60 years old than I did at 50 years old.

You know how people say that a sweets binge makes you just want more sweets? Well, Fit in 42 is kind of a “fitness binge” that makes you want more fitness! It’s a mind-body experience like I have never had before—the experience of digging deep to a place inside I didn’t know existed and pulling out of myself a truth that I had been afraid to acknowledge. I WANT this! I want to be fit and I want to look my very best and I want to have the energy someone half my age would be envious of!

What do you want? What’s it going to take? Will you acknowledge the deepest truth inside of you and fight for yourself and for what is true about you?