Lessons On The Journey

I made it! The six weeks of the Fit in 42 “immersion” program are over, and I am lighter, leaner and stronger than I was just six short weeks ago. And you know what? It really was not ALL that hard! Challenging, yes! Most definitely there were very hard days, and days I just didn’t feel like going to workout or eating right.
There were even times I looked at Kian or Sean and said out loud, “Really?? We’re not DONE with tonight’s workout?!”
They challenged me, they cheered me on, they believed in me and at the same time they taught me how to assess myself. I learned when to lift up a heavier sandbag and when to pull back to the smaller ones. I learned to work on my form above all else, before adding a load to any movement. I slowed down and paid attention to them, to myself, and to each exercise. I slowed down and paid attention to the food I was cooking at home—-and I cooked a LOT more at home than I had been.

The focus I’ve learned is what will stay with me and keep me moving towards even better fitness. I feel absolutely fantastic, and I want more of that in my life! I am lighter on the scale than I have been in many years, and my body composition is greatly improved, with awesome gains in muscle. I learned that I enjoy the sandbags for strength training, and I really enjoyed the punching bag!

It was good for me. Very, very good. I now have a plan in place to keep my progress moving forward, and the experience of success will carry me as I make the transition out of being immersed in an intense program back into my day to day life.

My plan:
• Strength training at least twice a week (that’s our Catalyst classes)
• Impulse classes three times a week (I teach those, and I need to do more of them so I keep my skill level high and keep learning!)
• Shop for groceries Wednesday, Thursday or Friday, and spend Friday evenings with my husband preparing our meals for the coming week. It’s our new “date night”, and we really enjoy it!

That’s it! You may wonder why I don’t have a Surge class listed; I want to be realistic and keep my plan simple and 100% do-able. If I find I can fit a Surge class in, I will, but I am making a plan for now that I absolutely know I can do.

I know I have changed from this experience. I thought for sure I’d run to the foods I had eliminated—chocolate chip cookies, ice cream, pizza, bread. I did think about it, but to my great surprise, I do not even want those foods. Will I ever have any of them? Sure, most likely….but never again as a regular part of my diet.

I have worked too hard, and I feel too wonderful to ever want to go back; I love living with this kind of vitality. Why not make YOUR plan this month? Schedule a Strategy Session with one of our coaches if you need ideas, encouragement, or someone to help you believe in yourself!

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