Lift Heavy And Sprint

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Marketing fitness is easy because there’s always the hope that this time it might work, that this time the quick fix will actually do what it promises, finally this is the secret you’ve been waiting for.

You’ve got the best intentions in the world to stick with the newest trick, but something always pops up. A vacation, new responsibilities at work, or maybe you get distracted by another cool program and go off and start that one.

Look familiar?

The constant distraction marketing that you face makes getting lean and healthy seem really difficult. On one of the top information sales websites there are over 3800 health and fitness products, and 24 are added each day. That’s on one website! Information overload intimidates most Americans so badly that over 60% of us have never even set foot inside of a gym or fitness facility. Internet fitness gurus and celebrity trainers have added so many rules and fast tracks to weight loss most people don’t even bother.

Let’s simplify. Even if you like the idea of the latest and greatest training methods, you love the newest supplements, if you haven’t seen success in your fitness, health, and life it’s time to make a change. Next time the “hottest celebrity fat loss trick” flickers across your screen, keep moving.

My mentor, Martin Rooney, has taught me that overkill in training and nutrition doesn’t lead to better results. “You don’t get a rocket ship when all you need is a row boat.” Training and nutrition should be fun, it should pop, and you should have a great time. All of that can be accomplished with the basics.

In Training For Warriors we have a simple way to describe our training philosophy – Lift Heavy and Sprint.

Lifting heavy weights is undisputedly the fastest way to lose fat, build muscle, and feel good.

Here’s a quick overview of the benefits of Lifting Heavy…

Builds a lean body

Strengthens and protect joints

“Tones” muscles

Blast belly fat faster

Scared of getting too “bulky”? Training for Warriors has been around for over 30 years, and in that time no one has gotten bulky who didn’t want to get bulky.

Don’t believe me? Check out some proof from around the world

The system works for all body shapes, and all body types.

What about Sprinting? You probably haven’t sprinted much since high school, unless you’re in a Training For Warriors program. Sprinting gets your nervous system turned, releases growth hormone, endorphins, and activates dormant muscles.

Hours and hours of cardio used to be the favorite tool for trainers and exercisers, so why the shift to sprinting?

Here’s the easiest way to think about it,

Do you think ingesting 1000 calories of junk food has the same effect on the body as ingesting 1000 calories of fruits and vegetables?  Most people would say “no” and I agree.  A calorie in is not a calorie in.  Your body has a way according to how it was designed and has evolved, to recognize foods differently.  This leads to different effects that are produced on your body, some good and some bad, depending on what you put in the hole under your nose.

Since we all agree on input, I just want people to think about output.  If we all agree there are better foods to achieve optimal health, what about an optimal output mechanism?  Since muscle growth, fat loss and health are what all clients are after, why aren’t we searching for this instead of what’s cool, colorful and new.  Although sprinting isn’t as “sexy,” I still think it is the best.”

.- Martin Rooney

Sprinting burns fat, puts impact through the body that stimulates muscle growth and protect the joints and ligaments from future injury. Move fast, get lean, prevent injury.

Instead of looking for the newest and coolest way to lose fat, why not look for a proven system that you can believe in?

There are over 240 facilities running the Training for Warriors facilities around the world Lifting Heavy and Sprinting. 

If you’re tired of getting on and off the diet roller coaster, boring workouts, and minimal results it’s time.

Join the Resistance!