Lose Fat, Build Muscle, Feel Good

When you walked into Momentum Fitness for the first time there might’ve been a lot of different thoughts coursing through your mind – what if the people suck? What if I can’t do the exercises? What if it doesn’t work?

Work is a funny word because it means different things to different people – what does “my program works” mean exactly? For most of us it means one or more of the following: Lose Fat, Build Muscle, Feel Good. And for all of us “Stay the same” isn’t an option. If we are all looking for success in the same areas – here’s the question – how do we measure that success? At Momentum we’ve got a few ways…

Lose fat – this one might seem obvious. we measure your weight and body fat! Weight is an imperfect measurement of success, but we still record it on a monthly basis because it gives us a starting point and an easy to track metric. Every other month we also measure your body fat percentage, which gives us an even better measure of success. Beyond those measures when your clothes start fitting better and you look awesome – *that* is the best measure of success we can ask for.

Build muscle – This is where we start measuring strength and metabolic gains, and ask the question “am I getting stronger?” This is an easy question to answer, can you lift the weight, if yes you are now stronger and therefore you are building muscle. The easiest way to track your strength gains is through our Warrior Tracker in our TFW Semi Private Sessions, every rep, every set is tracked and counted – no more pen and paper journals or notebooks.

Feel good – When you start losing fat and building muscle feeling good is an inevitable consequence. Your body is going to start looking fantastic, your energy will be out of control, and you’re going to have more fun in the gym than you’ve ever thought possible.

Being accountable and measuring success isn’t about blame, guilt, or feeling bad – we’re about making your life as fun and exciting as possible. At Momentum we Train for something, we don’t just workout – we train so that we can lead an extraordinary life.

So at next months weigh in, instead of just stepping on the scale and giving me your number I want you to give me your best. We do weigh ins to ensure that you’re on track to hit your goals and live the life of your dreams. Let’s do this!

PS. If you’re looking to turn your accountability up to 11* Fit in 42 starts July 6th! If you’re reading this after July 6th we accept applications up until the 13th.
*High five if you get the reference