Miss by an Inch, Miss by a Mile

Miss by an Inch, Miss by a Mile

Hundred Eyes

We’ve all said it, “it’s just one bite of cake, what harm will that do to my fitness results?” It doesn’t feel like a big deal, it doesn’t feel like we’re doing anything that wrong. To quote one of my favorite movies, “The greatest trick the devil ever pulled, was convincing the world that he didn’t exist.” Believe that the small things don’t matter is a fools dance.

When we make a decision, be it fitness, financial, spiritual, or emotional we are guaranteed to face demons and challenges. One of the best reasons I’ve found for why is because success knows that reaching the goal isn’t the point – it’s the person you become on the journey that is truly important.

Every time that you choose to order herbal tea instead of desert your resolve becomes a little bit stronger – your character grows and changes you. On the inverse every time that the wrong choice overcomes you, your character suffers.

Miss by an inch, miss by a mile.

It truly doesn’t matter by how big a margin you allow temptation in, an inch of cake or the entire thing, you have become a weaker person because of it.

One of the things I hate hearing most around Momentum is when our Heroes are joking about the unintentional splurges they had over the weekend. Doesn’t it grind you up a little inside? It’s a validation that staying the same is “ok” and we shouldn’t strive to be better.

That does not mean that going off your eating or fitness plan is bad. What it does mean is that allowing temptation to rule will crush you. Here’s a real world example: I love beer, I love making it, drinking it, all of the aspects. I’ve found that over the years my body loves beer as well and will retain it in the form of fat, not so good for my fitness and weight loss results. What’s a man to do? *Plan* splurges.
If I go out with friends not intending to have a beer and I do have a beet, even just one, the result is a weakening of my character and resolve. Yet when I go out and plan to have a beer my character is encouraged because I lived out the plan I had set for myself.
In the TV show Marco Polo there is a scene where Marco is learning to ride a horse and shoot a bow at the same time. His teacher, a blind monk named Hundred Eyes. In the scene Hundred Eyes asks Marco where he hit the target, “just one inch off”
Miss by an inch, miss by a mile.
The saying goes even if it’s only 100 calories, 100 calories of poison will still kill you.
Are you so committed to your goals that you can swear off beer, wine, and chocolate (yes even just one bite) the majority of the time?
If you can’t – you’re not that committed and you probably aren’t going to see the results you want. In fact I can say that if you can’t commit to eating well most of the time you’re going to stay where you are.
Miss by an inch miss by a mile.
Almost isn’t good enough, you’re playing with your future here.