Size DOES Matter

One day a Goldilocks walked into a cabin

She saw three of them just hanging out in the open…

Too big?

Too small?

Just right?

She didn’t know

“I guess there is only one way to find out.” She belts at the top of her lungs as she charges towards them, mouth open wide

10 minutes go by, then 30, then an hour

When she’s finally finished, exhausted on the floor, knowing she’s done something her mom wouldn’t be proud of her for, it happens.

The bears come home.

Papa bears looks around the room at the mess, roars in anguish.

“Hasn’t anyone ever taught you about Portion Sizes? I mean did you seriously just eat everything off of ALL THREE PLATES?”

In her food coma, she can only shrug.

“Well it’s time someone taught you a lesson, Size Does matter, my dear.” Said Momma Bear

Baby bear wheels out the chalk board and jumps onto the couch to watch Momma Bear and Papa Bear do their thing.

Momma bear started off, “Now the first thing about portions is that you have to realize they are going to have a significant impact on your physique, body composition, sleep, recovery, and immune system. So this isn’t just about looking good in your knickers.”

“But that’s why most of us came, right momma? And it’s also why most of us fall pretty hard when it comes to losing weight, particularly fat. You see, most people when they start on a diet drop their portion sizes super low and they cut out high-calorie foods, which feels right, doesn’t it?”

Goldilocks nods, remembering that’s pretty much what she did at the start of the year.

“And you’ll see great results right away. You’ll drop some weight, you’ll start to feel pretty good for a while. But two big things are happening.

1. Your body is nuking its muscle mass, which is not a good strategy in the long run, and

2. Your brain is feeling deprived. Every day that goes by that you don’t eat what you want to eat is another day that your willpower is stretched.

It doesn’t take long before you have an incident…”

Momma bear jumped it “My incident happened when I was trying to diet down after having ol’ junior over there. I followed the calorie and portion cutters program exactly, lost some weight, but then I had a party to go to for a friend. 14 pieces of chocolate, 2 glasses of wine, and Jack in the Box Taco’s on the way home did me in.

I was discouraged and just simply quit!”

Goldilocks squeaked out “So then if cutting calories way down doesn’t work, then I can just switch all my food over to healthy food and not worry about portions, right?”

“Oh no dear Goldy, that’s where you, and a lot of others, fall short,” chuckled Papa Bear, “You see if you jam in a ton of healthy food in your body there will still be an excess of energy, or calories, and your body is still going to convert some of those calories to fat or bulk.”

“Sure you’ll be way better off than before – healthier, recover quicker, sleep better, but you aren’t going to be happy with the ultimate result when it comes to fat loss.

The key is to find that balance that’s just right for *you* your body, the lifestyle you want to lead, and your goals.”

“If you want to look like a bikini model that’s way different than fitting into your size 6 jeans again, or feeling confident in a tank top,”  Mama Bear interjected.

Finally able to sit up Goldilocks asked “What’s the solution then? How do I figure it out for me?”

“I am glad you asked!” said Mama Bear, “there are 3 ways to hit both goals of eating the right stuff and making sure you aren’t eating too much. They’re broken up into 3 different levels of difficulty and commitment.

Remember, just because one level is harder than another DOESN’T MAKE IT BETTER!”

Mama got a little bit excited and foamed at the lips, Goldilocks just remembered how precarious her situation is.

“So here are your 3 levels of eating

Level 1 – change your habits

If you’re just starting out on your weight loss journey this is where you want to start.

Focus on…

Eating lean protein at each meal

Drinking only water or green tea (One cup of coffee is ok each day)

Veggies at each meal

Sleeping enough

Eat fat daily

Slow down when you eat

Those are foundational habits to eating well. If you don’t have the foundation build up strong enough it’s really, really hard to go further.

Level 2 – Let your hands do the talking

Eat good stuff (like the Warrior 20) and use the following guide to make sure your plate

As many veggies as you can fit in two cupped palms

Starchy carbs that would fit in a cupped hand

Fats in the amount of your thumb

Protein the size of one or two palms

Here’s a nifty guide the people at Precision Nutrition made up:

E-mail me for a pdf. copy (they don’t want it on the website)

Level 3 – Track your Macros

This level is more appropriate for those who have mastered level 1 and 2 and still want to lose more fat

Step one is to figure out how many calories you need

If you sit on your butt all day and don’t really work out = weight in pounds * 10-12

If you move around some and work out 3-4 times per week = weight in pounds * 12-14

If you are very active and workout 5+ times per week = weight in pounds * 14-16


I sit on my butt and weigh 150 pounds = 1500 – 1800 calories

Step two is to figure out what the ratio of carbs to protein to fat should be for you

For most people looking to lose fat the following ratio works well:

40% Fat

25% Carbohydrate

35% Protein

If you’re on the more muscular side try these ratios:

30% Fat

40% Carbohydrate

30% Protein

Now you multiply your total calories from above by the percentages


Fat 1500*.4 = 720

Carbs 1500*.25 = 375

Protein 1500*.35 = 525

Step three is to convert your calories to grams of each of those

Divide your calories by 4 or 9

4 calories per gram of protein and carbs

9 calories per gram of fat


Fat – 720/9 = 80 grams of fat per day

Carbs – 375/4 = 94 grams of carbohydrate per day

Protein – 525/4 =132 grams of protein per day

Step four is to track how many grams of each you eat each day and make sure they’re within spitting distance of your goals.

Use my fitness pal, or another smartphone tracker to make this easier on yourself”

As the Bears finish up their speech, they look to goldilocks to see if it has all made sense.

“Remember,” says Momma Bear, “You can’t just jump to level 3 and expect it to work. The reason there are three levels is because not everyone needs to calculate Macro nutrients. A lot of people are perfectly happy with the results they see just fixing their habits, and moving a little bit more”

Goldilocks stands up, brushes the food from her hair and dress, “I want to thank you for helping me Papa and Momma Bear. I think I have some work to do”

“You’re welcome dear,” says Momma, “But if you ever break into my house and eat my food again I will eat you, and I don’t care if it screws up my Macros for the day”

And with that Goldilocks sprinted away from the bear’s cabin and started eating well again.

The End


If you need more help with deciding where to start, the formulas or you want to talk more about starting with us doing TFW, pop me an e-mail: