Looking For Cleanses, Detoxes, Quick Fixes and “Magic” Solutions That Will Lead To Some Weight Loss and Then Inevitably Gaining It Back (And Then Some)?

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We are looking for 10 Women who are looking to get on track to make their body and life transformation happen before the New Year. Why wait until 2016 to get in shape.

Beat the rush and join us for our Get Lean Before 2016 Transformation.

When you're 100% ready to make this change in your life and end all the frustration and get the results you deserve, fill out the form below and we'll reach out to you right away to answer all your questions and make sure you are the right fit for our program.

This 8 Week Program will be very hands on and cover training, nutrition, and lifestyle coaching to change habits. Its designed to transform your life, not just your body, so you must fit the following criteria:

-Looking to drop 10lbs or more
-Want to tone up and see lean definition
-Live or work in the Contra Costa area
-Are willing to take before and after pics to be kept on track with regular progress updates and for us to keep you accountable and hold you to a higher standard
-Are willing to listen, apply, and change your body(know it alls need not apply)
-Don't mind working hard
-Can invest $49/ week in yourself
-Serious inquiries only. This is a results based program that takes commitment but if you are serious about making a real change, fit the criteria, then fill out the form now!

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