Don't wait until it's too late! The top 3 workout at diet tips to reach the summer body of your dreams!

Hellen Mirren, Bikini

To be honest there are only a handful of reasons that people come to Momentum Fitness, or any gym for that matter.

1. Look Good Naked

2. Feel Better (Either their body feels better, or they feel better about themselves)

3. Play Better – being able to do what you want to do when you want to do it

It’s really that simple.

Sure I’m in love with all of the deep science and cool trainer tricks that we use to get you there, but the bottom line is that you should come out of Momentum hitting all three of those goals in some way.

And this is the time to JUMP on those goals, we’ve only got a few short weeks until the true start of summer (June 3rd, MY birthday ;), and it’s time to ramp up your work to reach your!


Quickly take a look at the beautiful woman on my left. How old would you say she is? What would you say if I told you that she is the 69 year old  actress Helen Mirren?


Incredible physique at any age, and even more impressive at her age – when your body starts “turning on you”


Most women would love to look like her by summer

BUT… After a lot of research, by this point in the year most Moms feel like this picture:

Baby upper body mom lower

All they’ve got is a kid growing out of them and that’s the best they can do right now.

So here are the top 3 diet and workout tips that you can do right now to get ready for summer

1. Eat Broccoli and Every Evening and Lift Something Heavy Every Day

Broccoli is the number one food you can toss into your meals every night that will help blast belly fat and build a lean physique. It’s simply good for you.

Broccoli is Hella Jacked

How do you cook it? Two ways

  • 1. Bake it in the oven at 375 for 7 minutes, ruffle it around, and back in for 7 more minutes. Prior to putting it in the oven coat it with olive oil, salt, and pepper. Pairs great with grilled meats.


  • 2. Quick Boil or “Blanch” it. Fill a pot 1/2 way with water, bring the water to a boil, carefully add your broccoli – watch for the splashes! – allow it to cook for 2-5 minutes. Drain and put lemon juice, olive oil, salt and pepper on it. I like serving this with Chili

For your Lifting Something Heavy Every Day, we would recommend a class at Momentum. If you’ve never been to Momentum before, we are running our Summer is Coming Special – 30 days for $79, which is a killer deal. Here are the Details:


30 days for only $79


It’s really that simple

If you’re too far or don’t want the best coaches in the bay then there are 3 simple moves for you to do. Squat, Push up, and Deadlift. The first two can be done with bodyweight only, but the deadlift you’re going to need something to lift. Do those three movements 3 times a week and your booty will be looking good!

2. Add in a metabolic finisher to the end of your workouts and take fish oil

A Metabolic Finisher is something that spikes your heart rate and speeds up your fat burning for the rest of the day. Instead of having you look all over the internet, here’s one of our favorite body weight finishers (helps tone the legs too!)

1. 30 seconds of squats

2. 30 Seconds of Planking

3. 30 Seconds of Squat Holds

4. 30 Seconds of Planking

5. 30 Seconds of Squat Jumps

Do each exercise back to back, rest 1-2 minutes and complete up to 4 times.

FYI – This is NOT a finisher, heck it’s barely a workout:

fat woman on the simulator


THIS however, IS a finisher (another one you can do at home! We like to give you special Bonuses):


Sean crushing the #TFW workout today! #HeroUp

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Fish Oil is the #1 supplement we recommend at Momentum. Not only does it help you recover better, help brain speed, make your skin look better, reduce inflammation, help build muscle, it decreases body fat!

Take 1 tsp of Metagenics fish oil daily, or 5 Metagenics tabs. I usually take it at night, because I forget otherwise. You shouldn’t get the “fish burps” and if you’re wondering the liquid tastes like lemon oil

3. Drink lots of water and Move FAST

Water water everywhere and why the hell aren’t you drinking it? Look at the benefits of fish oil above and “ditto” them for water. Without enough water your body doesn’t function as well, and when your body doesn’t function well you hold on to fat.

How much water? More. Simply drink more water than you did yesterday. Yes you’re going to have to pee more for at least the first week, until your body figures out it’s getting enough water. For the number people in the room drink 1/2 of your weight in ounces. So a 200 pound person drinks 100 ounces.

Move Fast – The #1 way to move fast is to run up an on ramp and dodge traffic – BUT most of us don’t have a death wish, so the second best will have to do: Sprint! Sprinting is a total body move that gets the heart pumping and the fat off fast. Our bodies were built to sprint, but if you haven’t been moving fast for a while don’t jump right into it! Start, ironically, slowly. On a stationary bike is a very safe place to start learning sprint technique.


If you don’t know how to sprint, we train people in the sprint in person, there are a lot of technical points that are hard to explain in writing. Bottom line – move fast, if you don’t know how to move fast come see us and we will teach you

BONUS TIP – Sleep 8 hours a day

hahaha, Ok, I am totally joking on this one, I have never met a single parent who got 8 hours of sleep a day. What I do want you to do is sleep as much as possible. Turn off the damn TV and snuggle up to your honey bun or stuffed animal and get some shut eye. Even an extra 15 minutes can make a huge difference in how your day goes.

That’s it!

Follow those tips are you are on your way to looking your best on the beach or wherever the summer takes you!

If you need more help with this please feel free to reach out to us, or 925.405.6599 (you can text or call us any time)




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