The 1 Secret to Your Fittest Body

After an incredibly successful six weeks of Fit in 42 I’ve had a few Heroes ask me what they need to do to super charge their speed to get to their own goals. The big secret is that before we seek out any sneaky crazy ninja secrets we have to focus in on the fundamentals. See we don’t talk about gluten free or paleo until we’ve mastered eating broccoli and drinking water, and one of the big secrets from Fit in 42 is that we hammer the basics on a daily basis, we weight and measure on a weekly basis, and what we know to be true is this:

What’s measured gets managed

Think about it for a second. When you go to your tax professional you want to know how much you made and how much you can deduct to minimize how much you pay in taxes. If you didn’t know those numbers you would be in major trouble with the IRS or you would have to pay a lot more in taxes.

We measure how much we spend so that we can budget and don’t get into debt. Why should it be any different with fat loss?

How often do you weigh yourself, check your body fat, take progress photos, or measure your waistline? If it’s been a while I bet that you aren’t seeing as much progress towards your goals – how would you know if you haven’t measured?

This isn’t some condemning “get on the scale so you know how fat you are” suggestion – what we are talking about is understanding the key metrics for achieving our fitness goals and measuring them regularly.

The good news for our Heroes is that over the course of the next month we are going to layer in monthly weigh in days, body fat measurements, and performance tests. We want you to hold us accountable to our job – helping you achieve your fittest body. If you aren’t a Hero it’s time to jump on it and either join us or get someone to measure you on a regular basis.

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