The Magic of NOW

appointment-15979_1280I have been slowly unpacking after our recent move to our new home, and yesterday I happened upon a box of old weight loss journals I had kept over the years. I have gone through many weight loss programs, spent a gazillion dollars at least and I have analyzed my feelings, motivations, obstacles and goals more times than I can count.

For the record, I think it is very powerful for everyone to go through the process of examining motivations, obstacles and goals maybe once every decade or even once a year. But as I read through what I had written over 20 years ago, I was struck by how I have experienced the “paralysis of analysis” far too many times. Maybe you too have experienced this phenomenon of gathering the latest nutrition information, setting your current fitness goals, even examining your past, your patterns, and your deep-seated reasons for emotional over-eating. We gather, we examine, we identify ways the past has created negative patterns in our lives and then….we sit and ponder and analyze and… nothing. ever. changes.

Those who experience success in improving their fitness all have at least one crucial thing in common: they all came to a point where they stopped gathering information, stopped analyzing and began taking action. They took the leap of putting their trust in a system or process and committing to it—showing up day after day for effective workouts, making the decision to get the junk out of their diets and increase protein and fresh fruits and veggies. They stopped waiting for the right moment and began making changes in the “NOW”, one moment at a time.

And there is one other crucial decision these successful people have in common that they may not even realize or maybe didn’t set out to do—they have surrounded themselves with a “pack” of people on the same path.

I was chatting with a friend over lunch the other day and she was lamenting her pattern of working out, losing weight, giving up the workouts and gaining the weight back over and over and over.   She currently has a one year membership in a gym but she never goes. I shared with her what I believe is THE defining difference at Momentum Fitness. Of course we have educated, experienced top-notch coaches and we stay on top of the solid science of fitness. But our defining difference?

It is the what I think of as the “Home Team Advantage”—everyone who comes to Momentum becomes part of a team—their own personal “home team” that encourages, challenges, notices and nags when they miss one workout too many.

Bottom line? Our strength is YOU, our Heroes who have decided that the time is NOW and the place is MOMENTUM FITNESS.

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