Which Side Are You On?

Being 1/12 of the way through the year adds perspective to where we are going. Perhaps you didn’t lose as much weight as you thought you would, and now you are desperate and looking for any solution. Or instead maybe you’re on the brink of giving up and giving in to the couch, Netflix, and your old friends Ben and Jerry.

I hope today’s guest post from Training For Warriors Head Coach, Martin Rooney, will boost your spirits and encourage you to keep moving forward.

Which Side Are You On?

There was once a king who was put in a terrible situation. All of the citizens in his kingdom got their water from a different well than the one from which he drank. The well of his subjects became tainted and as a result of them drinking from that well, all of his once-loyal followers went mad. Because everyone in the kingdom had gone crazy, they all looked at each other as if they were still normal and that the King was actually the one that had gone crazy.

Even though he tried everything in his power to help his people, his subjects would spend every day attempting to convince the King he was crazy and try different “remedies” to cure his madness. When the King could not longer face the treatments and couldn’t bear to be so different from everyone else, he decided to give in and drink from their tainted well. When he did, he became just like them and the country, although all crazy, was happy again.

This story resonates with me because I see this story play out almost daily in my life. During many interactions I have throughout the week, I often feel like the King from the story. I am always challenged to ask myself who really is the “madman” especially when it concerns the topics of health and nutrition. Pressure is constantly there to conform to the ideas of the masses that don’t match my beliefs since I have yet to drink from their tainted well.


A Tale Of Two Kingdoms

One kingdom of the world has grown overweight, overmedicated and undertrained from the tainted well from which they drink. They drink not tainted water, but tainted information from slick marketers, spokespeople and governments usually bent on making money or protecting market position. In just two generations of drinking from this well, once important essential human needs such as regular exercise, healthy diet and adequate sleep have become expendable in relation to busy schedules, a pocket full of excuses and easy-to-make chicken nuggets. In this Kingdom anything is acceptable to eat as long as that something is packaged in 100 calorie sizes, screams the words Light, Diet or Fat-Free from its packaging or is deemed of great value since it has been Super-Sized. Health care is to take medicines freely and daily even when its advertisement proudly lists known side affects as chronic diarrhea, headaches, dizziness, stroke, loss of hearing, partial blindness, and DEATH. The pharmacy is the local donut shop or coffee house to buy synthetic energy to get through another day. Child abuse is not buying the 100 dollar pair of shoes that won’t be used due to hours spent playing video games.



In the other kingdom, 5 hours of hard exercise a week, a diet full of fruits and vegetables and 8 hours of sleep are taken daily as medicines to inoculate against disease. Delayed gratification and patience are the energy on which the subjects run and Self discipline is the strength used to make difficult decisions. As a result of drinking from this well, a subject from this kingdom may look like the crazy king to the subjects of the first kingdom if he or she chooses to pass on the community “chocolate volcano” dessert or use the word “organic” when referring to food preference. A subject might be viewed by the other kingdom as obsessed if he or she made sure his or her children’s food is gluten-free, dye free and grass-fed. They would probably look insane to skip a barbeque buffet for some almonds, celery sticks and a solid workout. As a result of these actions, they would become known or spoken of in the opposite kingdom with a roll of the eyes as “one of those” people.



As you saw from the story, it is not easy to be the King. When you are outnumbered and long for affiliation, it is not easy to meet with such resistance. Perhaps it would be easier just to drink from their well. I write this blog to remind you that life is not supposed to be easy. You will not be measured by the easy decisions you make, but instead by the most challenging ones.


If you are reading this blog, I have a good idea to which Kingdom you belong. We may look and act different, but regardless of the pressure, I implore you to never back down. Do not forget you are the stronger one. Fight the good fight. Next time you hear, “oh just have a piece of cake, it won’t kill you,” remember your job is not to give in, but to give back in order to convert people to your kingdom.

Do not drink from the tainted well.

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It’s your choice which well you will drink from, and I hope that after reading this you’ve made the harder choice to either start or keep drinking from the untainted well.