Why I Don’t Want You to Lose Weight

Over the last week I had something funny happen to me.

I had a student ask to come in to do a measurement and a weigh in, and in her e-mails she said “Hey I want to come in to do my measurements to see if I’ve done good

Now I’m sure she didn’t think anything of it, but she went from not exercising at all and eating not so well, to coming in at least 4 days per week, being able to keep up with her kids, go on hikes, and completely change her lifestyle.

But in her head the only thing that mattered, the only way to determine if she’d done “good” was the scale.

If you’re like me you’ve seen a lot of other fitness courses and nutrition programs, from the drop 20 in 6, to lose 17 pounds for $17, the diet bet, or the slim in 30…

It’s all about “lose a bunch of weight real fast”, the workouts kind of feel like watching 5 year olds play soccer; it’s controlled chaos, and the nutrition is crazy strict, right?

I’m sure you don’t believe the hype, but I also know that so much of our worth is tied up in our weight. You only deserve a treat if your weight is down, or you have to restrict if your weight is up.

==== And that is so messed up! ====

What I’m trying to do, is teach you that weight is only one part of the picture – the habits you build, the strength you gain, and the better life you lead: THAT is what you’re trying to achieve.

Who gives a rip what the scale says?

Something we are big on at TFW Concord is challenging and measuring your body in different ways, through timed challenges or strength challenges, i.e. Non Scale Victories

The student we were talking about who hadn’t worked out in the last 12 years who has now been coming in consistently 4 days a week – that’s AMAZING!

Those fast weight loss programs are great, but they’re not any different from a binge diet or the biggest loser. How many of you have lose a ton of weight and gained it all back?

Here’s the secret – it’s EASY to lose weight

It’s hard to keep it off

It’s hard to build habits.

When you’re going to one of those smash you into the ground workouts 7 days a week you gotta ask yourself:

Can I do this forever?

Is this something I can sustain?

If you get to the point where you say, no I can’t, then it’s probably not a very good program.

Sure sure, we all go on jags 3 or 4 weeks before vacation to make sure everything is tightened up – to have something to train for, and that’s all well and good every so often.

That’s the biggest thing – never train FOR the scale, train for your WHY

Why do you workout and eat better? To be a better wife, mother, spouse, so that you can keep up with your kids, so that you can live a full and active life and avoid the health problems your parents are seeing now.

The scale does not determine if you’ve done good.

The only thing that determines if you’ve done good is if you got closer to your WHY

Sure, we use the scale, and measure body fat, but it’s to calibrate your results.

The student at the beginning I talked about, we did her measurements and she did lose weight and fat – but we used the results from the measurements to calibrate her program. Work harder in cardio sessions, eat more of this, less of that, you get the idea

I don’t care if you train with us for 8 week and  you’ve lost 20 pounds, 30 pounds, 40 pounds, or 2 pounds.

What gets me going is hearing things like,

I can touch my toes again

I can get something heavy off the shelf

I can keep up with my kids

I feel more athletic than I have from high school

It doesn’t matter who you are, young or old, married or single, we all want to look better, feel better, and be able to do more, and I’m going to give you the tools to get there.

Look, I’ve spent years working on my own body and with students, and what we found over that time are the tools and the short cuts to get fit and healthy. I use them to this day because I’m lazy, not in a bad way, but because I want to maximize the time I spend doing the stuff I love. I’m sure you’re the same way, you’re all smart people

Don’t worry about dropping 20 in 6, or smashing yourself in the ground until you can’t move anymore

Worry about changing your life

If you’re changing your habits and your life style you’ve done good

And that’s what you’re supposed to do

You’ve done good