Your Most Effective Fat Loss Program

road-363265_640It’s a question that we get a lot when we are out in the community, “I want to lose my belly, and only have 2 hours a week to workout, what should I do?” On the surface it’s an easy question, but when we dig just a little bit deeper things get complicated. Plus, if this were an easy question it would follow that we would all be in shape instead of facing an obesity epidemic.

Here’s how you tackle your training for the most effective fat loss results possible, we call it the hierarchy of fat loss.

  1. Take care of your diet
  2. Refer back to point 1 (it’s that important)
  3. Complete activities that increase lean muscle mass, create an after burn effect, and burn calories
  4. Complete activities that burn calories, maintain lean muscle mass, and create an after burn effect
  5. Complete activities that solely burn calories

Obviously nutrition is important, so important that paying attention to it most of us will never reach our fitness goals.

Let’s break this down to make more sense out of it. What we want to focus in on are the first two points, “Build lean muscle mass” and “After burn effect.”

The main reasons we want to focus on lean muscle are that it helps us burn fat faster and makes our bodies look a lot better. Now we’re not talking about creating bulk, no, but lean muscle.

Our second point of focus is the After Burn effect, which is essentially the increased fat loss demand that certain exercises place on the body. This effect can increase fat burning for up to 36 hours.

When we combine the two we create the perfect storm for fat loss.

Here is how we recommend structuring your workout to take advantage of both effects at their highest potential:

– Lift heavy weights 2-3 times per week
– Keep repetitions between 8 and 15
– Put exercises that work different muscle groups back to back (a squat and a pushup)
– Insert stretches during your rest